Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

You seriously have to go ALL the way to California for surgery?

QuestionFor the folks who can’t believe I have to fly all the way to California for surgery… I just heard of a woman and her husband who sold their rental home and bought an RV so they can drive to California (from Oklahoma) to see the same doc I’m going to (Dr. Raz). This other poor woman can not sit, so she can’t fly… and after 11 years (you heard me, ELEVEN YEARS) of surgeries and deteriorating health…. this was the only way they could think of to get her some help.

Flying2Sounds unbelievable, right? People can’t even believe me when I tell them I’m flying from NY to CA. Can you imagine what this other couple has been through? Well, believe it. Can you say “desperate”? Yes, “desperate” is a good word to describe women who have complications from mesh. Desperate because the doctors you once trusted, won’t or can’t help you. Desperate, because you get bounced from doctor to doctor, and told one wrong thing after another while your health gets worse and worse… along with your financial situation, and quality of life.

Now, this other woman’s case may be extreme… and maybe my case is also not the norm… and maybe for many mesh is NOT a problem.  That does not change the fact that there ARE many women that DO have complications… serious complications… life altering complications with no easy answers for treatment.

Even the FDA warns that complications are “NOT RARE”.  Something no-one mentioned to me before my surgery that I wish they had.

Another thing no one tells you is just how difficult, if not impossible, it will be to get any real help if you DO have those complications. All most doctors offer is denial… or ignorance on the matter. If/when you finally find a doctor who will correctly diagnose that the mesh is causing your problems, they usually only offer to do partial removals that often wind up making things worse, bringing on even more surgeries and damage. impossible They often say it’s impossible to remove the mesh, that it will only cause more damage.  What they SHOULD say, is that it is impossible for THEM to remove it, because there are only a handful of experienced doctors doing full mesh removals.   Specialists, like Dr. Raz, that most other doctors will not refer you to when you present with complications.  Women wind up being the guinea pigs for a product that never should have been put on the market in the first place, and then again for partial mesh removal procedures by inexperienced doctors.  Lawyers blame the manufacturers, or the FDA. Meanwhile, many doctors just keep putting mesh into women left and right.

It still boggles my brain. How is this possible? Such major problems, from such a minor surgery? Yes, all surgeries have risks… but, this is ridiculous. Especially when there are alternatives (usually not offered), like using your own tissues, etc., and the seriousness of the risks are not explained. The fact that it is is all so avoidable is what makes it so horrific to me.

If you’re still reading – thanks for reading… This isn’t a topic I’m sure most really want to hear about.. or something I really like talking about, but I feel like I need to do whatever I can to warn others, and just get the word out about mesh complications and mesh removal surgery.

Update 4-19-13:
I not only went to UCLA, but I went three times.  Once for my consult in August 2012.  Once for my pre-op tests and actual mesh removal surgery in December.  Once again for a follow-up in March.  While traveling from NY to CA for surgery was not ideal or easy, I would do it all again.  Dr. Raz is an amazing surgeon, and I still feel like this was what I needed to do.  It is a shame there are not better options closer to home.   It is also a shame they are even still using mesh and causing these kinds of problems.  No, that is more like a crime than a shame.
Click here for more information and pictures from my trip to UCLA


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    Thank you for your work. T.


  2. Deb~ you have an amazing way with words. It was your story dated
    2/2012 that I sent to my daughters & sisters hoping they would “get it” and perhaps understand through someone else’s eyes what mesh was doing to me. Thank you for caring enough to do what you do to help others. Blessings~


    • Thank you, Barb. If anything I’ve shared has been able to help you, or anyone, then I feel like having this blog is worth it. I know it is not easy for others to understand what is happening… it’s even difficult for US, the ones going through it, to grasp. And, we are mostly so conditioned to just believe whatever our doctor tells us. That just doesn’t always work for people suffering from mesh complications because there is so much misinformation out there… or just lack there of. So, unless you already have a doctor who is very knowledgeable on mesh complications (and unfortunately, that is not usually the case), then you really do find yourself needing to travel or make some hard decisions for treatment that is not always readily available.


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