Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

Were you told that you were the “only one”?

Scales of Justice wikiCommons“As of yesterday, there were 17,478 plaintiffs consolidated in one federal court!  That does not include the many others in various state courts.”

That is what Jane Akre mentions in a recent article on her MDND blog, called: “Why We’re Here ~ Putting a Face on Adverse Events”.  She gets into more details of this in another post there called:  “Status Conference Update: Transvaginal Mesh Cases Moving Ahead”.

17,478 cases filed in one court?  17,478?  Unbelievable, right?

alone-g…and yet, “they”  STILL keep using surgical mesh, often without even considering other options or disclosing the risks involved.

They will go on to tell you how it, “works so well for so many people”…  and that, “it’s just a very small percentage of a few, unfortunate souls that have any problems from mesh”.

Yes, they will say these things in spite of the record number of reported complications to the FDA, and that the FDA warnings reported complications are “NOT Rare”, as well as the enormous number of pending lawsuits.

When someone presents themselves to their doctor’s office complaining of pain from mesh, they are still frequently told that they are “the ONLY one” that their doctor has ever known of that is having any problems from mesh. 

“The only one”.   Really??

How can that possible be?  How is this not all over the news?  How can they not  know of the warnings?  How can they tell anyone that they are “the only one” when there are THOUSANDS?

“The only one”.   Right.

I’d like to see them try telling that to the over 60,000 people who filed lawsuits so far.  60,000!   And, that’s just the ones who actually files lawsuits.  Believe it or not, not everyone files a lawsuit.

Why don’t they try telling it to the thousands and thousands of additional people who have reported mesh complications to the FDA from mesh surgeries for POP and/or  SUI?  And, again, not everyone with complications reports to the FDA. They don’t make it easy, that’s for sure.

Who knows how many more mesh complications are UNreported and UNdiagnosed??  Especially when so many doctors seem to prefer to insist it’s not the mesh, and just bounce patients around to other doctors rather than step up to the plate and actually acknowledge mesh is a problem, and try to help?

But, we are the “only ones”???  All this is just from some “ambulance chasing lawyer ads”??  Seriously??

Maybe they should try telling that to me now?  Or to some of my new friends?

Memorial Wall of Mesh Survivors! by, Jaye Nevarez

Memorial Wall of Mesh Survivors! by, Jaye Nevarez

If you happen to be reading this, and you are in pain… if you are suffering from horrible medical conditions as a result of your surgical mesh implant, please know that

you are most definitely
“the only one”


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  1. I’m looking for a vaginal mesh support group, in Michigan. No one knows how it feels to be in my body ,unless they are going thru what I’m going thru! There isn’t a name for my condition, it does have a title, or a cure. It is a living daily HELL!! People don’t understand our pain! I have people get mad at me because I’m not able to make it appointments, or classes, or even a get together, because of the pain I’m in 24/7!!!!!



  1. Are you a GOOD mesh? Or a BAD mesh? | Mesh Me Not

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