Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

Mesh surgery scandal: Fury as doctor wins trip to Brazil for recruiting patients to controversial implants trial

Sharing another article from the Daily Record, titled, “Mesh surgery scandal: Fury as doctor wins trip to Brazil for recruiting patients to controversial implants trial“.

where it states:

“A DOCTOR was sent to Rio de Janeiro as a prize for recruiting the most patients to a trial for controversial mesh implants. Athele Khunda was sent for four days to a medical conference in the ­ Brazilian city, where delegates were urged to relax and enjoy the sights. Free laptops were also offered as ­incentives for signing patients up.”

Please read the full article at:

This was also covered on MDND, in an article called, “Scotland: Win Big Prizes from Pushing Pelvic Mesh!“, where it mentions a comment from a Scottish Mesh Survivors who says,

“There is no mention to patients that the device they get will be ‘mesh’ it is referred to as special tape. They are not told that TVM ‘mesh’ has been suspended by the Scottish Government pending a safety inquiry. They are not told that when they are randomized to receive a device (a) Bard Ajust single incision mini-sling (SIMS) is not the first of its kind, it is based on an earlier predecessor which was a big failure, if they don’t get that then they may get (b) TVT-O, a device that has twice in recent months found to be defectively designed in a US court of law. But there are big prizes to be won: Brazil, Laptops and others, yet to be revealed – “

Full article:

I share these with gratitude for those who covered this information, and the utmost disgust for the doctors participating in these “studies” and contests.  This is a prime example of just how far the marketing and use of mesh has sunk.  My heart goes out to all the women they are recruiting and using as guinea pigs for their so-called research.

As  Labour shadow health secretary Neil Findlay said:

“This is almost like a TV game show where the stakes for patients could be ending up in a wheelchair or ­crippled for life.

Given the hundreds of thousands of women who have reported horrific injuries caused by mesh implants, I am astonished this can happen in the NHS…”

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