Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

Upstate NY Support for Mesh Complications

Are you from Upstate NY and dealing with surgical mesh complications? Maybe after having pelvic surgery for POP, or SUI, or even from hernia mesh? If yes, please join this group! (

Please note that I am not with a law-firm or doctor’s office. I’m just another person who had complications and I’m looking to start a support group for anyone in the Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany and nearby areas. I know you there have to be more people out there suffering from mesh complications, right near me, but am not sure how to hook up with them.   ??  I’m tempted to camp outside my implanting surgeons office, and/or pelvic floor therapists office, but I’m afraid that might not go over so well.  😉

I mentioned in a post a while back (Suffering from Mesh Complications in Upstate NY? (Rochester? Buffalo? Syracuse? Albany?), that I was looking for others in the area, but I didn’t get much response.  I’m thinking maybe a Closed Group on Facebook, and hopefully a chance to meet face to face periodically as well, might be more beneficial.

This is the group if anyone knows of anyone to invite to it:

If you are looking for more information on me, my story (and then some) is posted on my “Deb Who” page:

Please let me know if you need more information, or have any ideas on ways to find others in the area that may need support.  Thank you!

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  1. I am dealing with issues and have been dismissed from doctors for 2 years saying they see nothing wrong. Finally after complaining about the symptoms I was referred to a doctor in Albany, NY. He wants to do a repair and injections but I read an article last night that leaves me to think that is not the best option. I believe it is the anchor on the left side causing all the pain and the erosion issue is seperate. In my opinion, the injections will only cover up the problem. I want it out but don’t know how possible that is given the complications. Nice to know there are others there. I feel like I am driving my husband crazy complaining all the time.

    Thanks for listening!



    • I went to a doctor in Albany told me he could fix my problem. If you would like to private message me using messenger, I will share his name and pray you don’t go to the same one. Long story be glad to share it with you


  2. Looking for an experienced Surgeon to remove mesh from my stomach. It was put in place after a colostomy reversal and has caused unbearable pain now for the last ten months, I can’t sleep or eat. Constant nausea, diarrhea , vomiting up blood, blood in my stool and urine. I feel like I may loose my mind if something is not done .


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