Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

Mesh-Injured People: NOT rare. NOT going away. NOT getting SUPPORT!

Annoying Lawyer Ads: “Have you had Vaginal Mesh?”


Annoying TV Lawyer Ads

You know all those crazy lawyer ads you see on TV,  asking,”Have you had Transvaginal Mesh?”?  Well, guess what?   They are not just constant, and annoying.  They are also talking to real, live, people who HAVE had transvaginal mesh, and ARE hurting because of it.  And there are a LOT of them out there.  Thousands.

There are currently over 100,000 lawsuits against six different manufacturers.  That is just the number of lawsuits.  They are NOT possibly all “Lawyer-generated hype”.  There are thousands more reported complications.  And, many more NOT reported.   There are more and more people limping into doctor offices every day complaining of problems after having surgery with mesh.

Just as the FDA  reported that severe complications from mesh are “NOT RARE”, well, neither are these people.  They are NOT rare, and NOT alone.  And, other than the lawyers ads – they are NOT even being acknowledged much of the time, let alone finding a lot of support or help.

Most of them are NOT getting better.  So, they are NOT going away.  Not only that, but doctors keep implanting mesh all the time, especially for SUI and hernia repairs so there are MORE and MORE people turning up with complications.  The lawyer ads you see all over the TV are NOT just for oler, out-dated, no longer in use, mesh. I wish they were, but no… they are for all kinds… and most are still on the market and being used.

The mesh-injured need help!  REAL HELP.  And, I don’t just mean a lawyer.  They need DOCTORS that can actually help them, and they need SUPPORT.

Starting a Support Group.  How hard can it be?

So, recently, I decided I would try to get a local support group started for others dealing with mesh complications in my area.  I know that if it wasn’t for the support and information I received myself from other mesh-injured women I found online when I was at my lowest,  I would have wound up much worse.   I wanted to pay that support forward.  I knew how confused and alone I felt, and how helpful it was to find others who could relate.   I also wanted to share the resources and information I had learned.  Information not being shared by the medical community as a whole.

I started this Mesh Me Not blog as I was going through my own struggles.  Then, created the Mesh Me Not Public Facebook page.  As time went on, I thought a local support group would be really helpful to so many.   A place were people could meet face to face, talk, vent, share, and help each other get the help we need.   Why not?  There are support groups for almost everything/everyone else.  Lord knows we could use some support.


I remembered the first time I met others dealing with mesh complications in person.  It was at the Tiverton Hotel, near UCLA, where I had my mesh removal surgery.  We talked for hours. There is something very powerful about connecting in “real life”.  Later, I was able to connect with a couple people in my area, and not only could we relate to the issues and experiences, but we also knew some of the same doctors/hospitals/resources.  Sadly,I did not feel like I had a lot of local resources to share, because I personally had my mesh removed across the country in CA, and there really just are NOT very many  reputable doctors that are doing FULL mesh removals.

Without any prior experience with support groups, and never enough time, I decided to start up the Mesh Me Not – Upstate NY Support Group.    My hope is that, collectively, we can find better resources closer to home, as well as offer support to one another.  I also hope others will start their own groups in their areas.

Unfortunately, I quickly realized that while I’m connected to hundreds of other mesh-injured people from all over the world on-line, it is actually quite challenging to find others in my direct area.  Not because they don’t exist, but because the medical community doesn’t seem to want to admit they exist.

Can you hear me now?  How about now?  Now?

helpmeMost Urology and Urogynecology organizations, like AUGs, as well as doctors, physical therapists, and other specialists  – that often meet  and/or treat those dealing with mesh complications – act as though we are invisible.  They don’t seem to like to hear us mention anything about “Mesh”  when we limp into their office with pain and complications.   I remember one doctor literally rolling his eyes at me when I mentioned I had a mesh implant.   Many are quick to say you need to go see some other specialist – or to the chronic pain management clinic.  They wash their hands of you, rather quickly.  I have heard of patients, desperate for care, afraid to mention the word “mesh” to their doctor, because they believe that the doctor will treat them as if they are crazy, and/or not treat them at all.  Really?  How do you get help for something, if you can’t even discuss it rationally?

Ironically, more websites are popping up from doctors saying they specialize in mesh-removal non-mesh repairs, and pelvic reconstruction.  Some doctors are even joining our support groups.  They seem to want the mesh-injured individuals (complication support groups , pages, blogs, forums, etc.), to mention them in a good light, and refer our hurt friends to them.  That’s good thing, right?  Well, it’s good it they can actually help people.

There is no doubt that we need more doctors that can actually help, and to take an interest.  It does raise other questions, like, how many of these doctors ARE actually helping?   I mean, even if they WANT to help, are they capable of removing all the mesh?  And, if they don’t, is that really helping?  I have heard many women who go into surgery, thinking their doctor is experienced and will remove all their mesh, only to find the doctor only removed a small piece of the mesh.   Sometimes, they even implant more mesh in the process.   Women wind up having surgery after surgery, and more and more complications.  But, that is another topic…   

My point here (and I do have one) is that IF there are more doctors stepping up and saying they can help with mesh removal, and more of them actually doing partial removal after partial removal…  then, WHY is it that most of the medical community still does not want to admit we even exist?  Not publicly anyway.

ce35e17f25b7ba99a6994830592d7d5cWhy?  What is it that makes so many doctors so resistant to discussing  mesh complications openly?
Is it peer pressure?  Because many of them, and/or their colleagues, are still advocating for the use of mesh?   Are they just in major denial?  Because if they were to acknowledge that mesh is causing so much harm, that would mean they would have to also admit they were part of ruining so many lives, and that is just too much to fathom?  Are they worried about losing money?   I’m referring to money from the surgeries, from research and clinical studies, or even from being paid consultants with the mesh manufacturers?  Are they afraid of all the lawsuits?  Granted, yes, there ARE a lot of lawsuits.  Over 100,000 lawsuits, actually, but those are against six different mesh manufacturers – not the doctors.  Are they being brainwashed by the Mesh Manufacturers?  The FDA?  AUGs??   Do they just not care?  Are they really still just completely in the dark about what is happening and the truth about mesh?   Do they think we, the patients, can not possibly know anything valid, and are not capable of understanding what they believe, and why they believe it?  

Whatever the reasons, it is clear that the majority of them do not want us to even mention the “M” word in their offices… or on their public Facebook pages… YouTube videos… websites… etc.    I know this, because I have had many of my comments deleted from such places.  God forbid you mention the FDA warnings and ask legitimate questions.  There are a few that will actually engage and respond, or allow me to post a link – and to them, I am VERY thankful!   There ARE  good docs out there.  I know this.  But, even many of the good ones seem to want to bury their heads in the sand, and just avoid the “mesh mess”.    

When they don’t want to help patients presenting with mesh complications, they are also not open to letting me leave flyers or any info regarding the support group with them, or in their office, websites, Facebook pages.  

I guess, the idea of people needing support for complications, that most of the medical community will not publicly acknowledge, is apparently just way too much to ask.

So, how do I spread the word, locally, about this support group?

I even had a website, that list support groups all over the country for all different health issues, tell me I could not list or mention my Mesh Support Group there. Why?  Because I am NOT affiliated with any doctors or health care professionals.  ??  Well, isn’t that special?  I mean, if AUGs or more doctors WOULD acknowledge the real difficulties associated with mesh, rather than just defending it and turning a blind eye, then maybe there wouldn’t be so many people who NEED support in the first place!

Instead, mesh-injured individuals are commonly bounced around like ping-pong balls between specialists.  All too often mesh is never even identified, or acknowledged, as the problem.  If/when it is, many are still told we they are “the only ones” having such problems, and rather than send them to one of the few experts that actually CAN remove the mesh fully, they are instead sentenced to a life of repeated surgeries, and chronic pain management. But, hey – maaaaaybe they will win a lawsuit, right?  A lawsuit that will most likely never come close to covering their surgeries, and related losses, IF/WHEN it ever actually does pay.   What  a joke.

If we build it, will they come?Are you from Upstate NY (Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany and nearby areas?), and dealing with surgical mesh complications? Maybe after having surgery for POP (Pelvic Organ Prolapse), or SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence), or from Hernia repairs? If yes, please join this support group! I know you must be out there, even though so many of us are told we are

I’m not giving up.  I’m starting the Mesh Me Not – Upstate NY Support Group.  Actually, it’s already started (  And, I will keep finding ways to find others who need help.  And, they will keep finding me, as they already have been even before I started that group.  Slowly, but surely.   Because, they are out there.  They (we!) DO exist!

I know there are so many others doing so much more than I am to try to help others too.  More and more mesh-injured people are stepping up and creating their own websites, blogs, Groups, etc.  They are forming networks and support systems.  Working hard to make real changes, as well as to help each other.  If you are one of them, please comment and post links to your own groups and resources – I am happy to share them here, and anywhere I can.

I need help and suggestions.  I have a few other ideas on ways to get the word out locally about a support group, but, I’m also open to suggestions from anyone out there that has a local support group on ways to get it started.  Please leave a comment here, or email me at  In the mean time, please share this information if you can.   Below is what I’ve been posting anywhere I can (and is often deleted).  Please feel free to cut and paste, or share this page.  Thank you!


Are you from the Upstate NY area, and dealing with surgical mesh complications? Maybe after having pelvic repairs (SUI? POP? bladder?) or hernia repairs? If yes, please join the Mesh Me Not – Upstate New York Support Group! (

We are looking to connect others in the Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany and nearby areas so we can meet in person for support and information. I know you must be out there, even though so many of us are told we are “the only one” having such issues.

This group is NOT affiliated with any lawyers, doctors, or marketing agencies. This is strictly for support.

Please SHARE this info, and join if  you are from the NY area. Thank you!

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  1. Thank you for your article, for your bravery and yes, I’d like to start a group. So feel free to post this.

    I live in Los Angeles California. (At the beach!) I didn’t even know I had mesh implanted – and only suspected it due to a blog in 2012. So yes- support groups/blogs save lives in my eyes! I was in so much pain and so depressed thinking it was all in my head. A Cedars Sinai doctor even prescribed me Valium for the vagina after 3 others just looked at me like I was crazy. Then I read about mesh in blogs and Dr Raz and after a 6 month wait~ (well worth it) he diagnosed my problems as mesh related. 2 surgeries and a transfusion later, I’m mesh free hopefully! (Another ultrasound next month to confirm)

    The implanting physicians used the words “cadaver skin” and “like moleskin- soft” to describe what they used to repair my “hernias” as my OBGYN called my torn vagina. Then suggested I get my bladder lifted too- “easy 10 min surgery” I was told. All this from my first PapSmear routine test! Walked in as fit and healthy as could be~ and now forever changed lifestyle due to diagnosis of several Autoimmune Diseases I have now “acquired”. This is a common side effect of mesh so Dr Raz explained this past week.

    So if it weren’t for support groups like yours my life would still be hell- like many are living right now. I’ve only found one other women with mesh and talked only twice since 2012. I need someone to relate with. I also want to “pay it forward” like you because I am now getting better! Maybe I can offer some hope or at least a place to stay free to lessen someone’s costs while anyone is here for Raz. (I live 30 min away)

    How do I start? It would be great if there was an “Organizer Kit”. How about a MeshMeetUP group? I looked for one several months back and didn’t find one. I am now having horrible autoimmune diseases popping up and really need info from others with similar symptoms.

    Please call or email your suggestions~ I can’t thank you again for using your precious time to reach out to others like me. I need to make time to do the same. I live at the Beach and my complex has a nice meeting room we can use if we ever grow big enough to need it. I have a small condo with a guest room. My husband is the nicest, funniest guy on earth- he is a rock for me and anyone lucky enough to meet him so together we’d welcome other singles and couples who need lodging a night or two while visiting UCLA for consult. We have 4 kids and 8 grandkids out of state but we think we are still newlyweds with a new hope for life now that we got the mesh out.

    So here’s a shout out to LA and SouthBay Meshies- lets MeetUp! I’ll try my hand at starting one today. if I fail- someone else with more social media experience take the helm and I’ll join.



    • Hello! Thank you for your comment – and that is awesome that you are also thinking of starting a group! I know there is a group just getting started in the SF area:

      California – SF Bay Area Mesh Support

      I believe they will post any others, as they become known, in this public Mesh Problems Group too:

      I WISH I had an “organizer kit” for starting a group. That would be awesome! As of now, I’m pretty much winging it – and could use some advice/support myself. I did set up a MeetUp group – – but, have not had any action on it.

      I would think that one MAJOR thing you definitely have to your advantage over most areas, is that you ARE right IN LA, where Dr. Raz is. First of all, that’s great because anyone local won’t have to go far for help. Secondly, I am guessing his office WOULD allow you to post flyers, or leave brochures regarding your group. And, if he would – that would be AWESOME. Matter of fact, if he would, I would send you some form the NY group as welll because he has people that wind up in his office from ALL OVER THE WORLD. Hmmmmm….? Now you have me thinking!! =)

      We’ll have to talk more later via email. =)


    • Hi to all of you beautiful “Meshies”. My name is Sidney Walters, I am a Registered Nurse in Columbus, OH. I had 2-meshes implanted in August 2008 @ 47. I was very happy, active and full of life prior to having a Monarch Hammock sling for SUI and pelvic mesh for POP. I can’t even begin to express my grattitude for all of the information that each and everyone of you have contributed to empowering not only women but others that are having complications from mesh implantation. My symptoms started 12-weeks after surgery when I was given the green light for intimate relations. That was the beginning of my deteriorating health issues, like all of you have experienced. Today, I see 4-specialists, and have no problems sleeping 20/24 hours on the weekends to recoup from the previous week and to re-group for the upcoming week. I have tried to find a Support Group in Columbus, OH, not only for myself but my partner as well. While the deterioration of my health has undoubtably had its effects on me, I did not realize the effects it has had on my significant other. It is no big secret that once Foreign Body Rejection takes hold of our bodies, creating effects that we all know too well, it literally stops our lives in its tracks. Life for me, as I can imagine others as well, no longer revolves around LIVING and enjoying each day I am given; but is now revolving around pure existance and trying to just cope hour by hour each passing day. Like many of you I have had some of the physically and emotionally best years of my life stolen from not only me BUT my significant other as well. I have been so consumed and caught up in my own health issues, that I really did not understand the enormous impact Mesh has had on those whom I love the most. My significant other is the individual that has had to listen to me complain about all of the pain and an entire plethora of other health issues on a daily basis. Without her UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, I would be alone today. I have not only been unsuccessful in finding a support group for Mesh Victims in Columbus, Support groups for those that love us the most are completely non-existant. I welcome any suggestions as to how to start a Support Group not only for Mesh Victims but also for those individuals who love us the most and without them, our life would be so much darker.
      To the writer in Southern California willing to open your home for those seeing Dr. Raz, I would love to speak with you. I called Dr. Raz’s office on 8/14/15, fully prepared to have my Initial Consultation in May 2016, however; while the lady was scheduling it, she saw a Cancellation on Tuesday 8/18/15, I took it not, knowing or even having a remote clue as to how I was going to get from Columbus, OH to UCLA. Somehow it all worked out. All I can say is that it was 100% Completely out of my control and a very surreal experience. I have already had a partial removal ( which is just a fabrication) and am scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Raz on 2/17/16.
      Southern Cal, if your invitation to stay with you as a means of paying it forward still exists, I would like to hear from you. I know I am doing all I can to at least educate every single person, male and female, that I come in contact with, so they too may pass it on as a means of keeping the information/ education/ empowerment of other, so they may not have to suffer for as long as we have.
      SunnyCal-Will you please e-mail me so we may connect? I have scheduled my hotel at the Tiverton, however; its still going to be over $1500 which I will have to borrow. I am willing to pay to stay with you, if you are willing to a cept guests from Ohio.
      This site has truly saved my life and the lives of so many others. Thank you ALL for everything you do to get this message out. Personally this was again a Dismissal of women’s healthcare which has become all too common for us.
      Look forward to speaking with you Sunnycal or anyone really, that wants to talk, share and even forge new friendships.


    • To socalsunfish: I realize your post is almost 3 years old but I would like to get in touch with you. Please contact me:


  2. Christine Scott has (or had) a monthly (I think) meeting somewhere around the UCLA area. I haven’t seen any mention of it in a while but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.


  3. Sometimes I think we ARE going away. Those of us with mesh removed. There are not that many blogs out there devoted to the real stories. The dates from the last entry is sometimes 2 yrs old.
    Never see a followup in most all posts I read

    I am sick of reading that doctors are not in this discussion of liability. Had it not been the doctor I would not have had mesh implanted to rip through me. My doctor out and out lied, deflected, misinformed, however you want to phrase it, they did it.

    I am dealing with what seems to be a nerve pain I n my pelvic floor. Still no answers and more lousy care from the medical community..just talked to a OR therapist who acted bored and impatient with my questions. They will not be getting my insurance..

    Women will continue to be looked at as guinea pigs and that will not change. The doctors who are removing this mesh are taking on more than they should and the after care is dismal..

    For anyone going out of town, let me prepare you. Do your homework first. Get a doctor on board for when you get home. The communication will be horrible for you when you get home..

    For example, I need pain mgmt in my pelvic area, they are over an hour away, by plane. I cannot afford to keep going back out of town, and the outcome for me feels hopeless. My area is like a third world country when it comes to progressive female pelvic treatment. Same old lousy PT therapists that want to drain your insurance dry while they lack common courtesy.

    If you do not have a spouse who puts dollar signs in front of your health, you will do better than me, but mine does do that. It is a constant struggle because he also has developed cognitive problems that have been coming on for years. Everything I do is a struggle with him, I cannot believe he helped me get out of town for the mesh removal, but spending the out of pocket amount has pushed him over mentally.

    Anyone who has the mesh removed please make sure you have support from a medical source and friend or family source, I have neither.

    If you think your relationship is bad now with a spouse, the financial strain of this will push things out of control. I know that this is a unique problem that I have but there has to be others who deal not only with physical problems but emotional as well, due to a deteriorating marriage brought on by mesh related problems..

    There is no guarantees that the women who must endure these life changes due to mesh will even see a day of reimbursement as a result of the pending legal action. I cannot even begin to sort that out, as I need to have my physical well being and in my late fifties believe the legal cases will take forever, many of us will never see any financial help.

    My doctor is happily out of the fray. with no worries, she can say she had no idea. I hope every doctor who ever put mesh in a woman chokes on it!


  4. My life is over as I knew it. As painful as it is to lose everything…my health, my home, my husband…the contempt and disrespect I’ve received by many in the Health (Care) profession has been almost as painful. To be treated as damaged goods and a liability to their profession is heartbreaking. I’ve gone from an outgoing involved gal with many friends to a bed-bound pathetic old women who avoids people….who wants to be around someone that can’t go places and is constantly complaining about overwhelming pain. I could on and on on how this terrible ordeal has affect my life but who really cares…..


    • JJJ, I agree with your comments and understand the loss and suffering that never ends. Yes, Most of the Medical Community has failed to acknowledge us mesh injured women. But there are plenty of women who care. I am one of them. I have had plenty of moments where I weep, sob (still do) and have said who cares and that is good to do, but then you have to snap out of it, brush yourself off……because there is hope and you must believe that you will find the help you need to be mesh free. Do not let MESH take your spirit from you. I’m am happy that you posted some of your feelings, and if you can, you should do it more often, it sometimes helps sharing. It’s sad that we keep so isolated. I hope you will continue with your journey to be mesh free, don’t give up……BELIEVE….. I became Mesh-Free March 17, 2015, and it was by chance talking with a new Doctor…I got Lucky…..Jan Urban – Ohio


  5. Dear “Disgusted” and “jjj” –
    =( I care. It makes me so mad, sad, and literally sick to my stomach to hear stories like yours and so many others. I know it doesn’t help much to say you are not alone – but, you are not. I only had a small taste of what you describe, compared to so many others – but, I too went from being “normal” and “independent”, to being practically bed-ridden and totally dependent on my husband and kids for a while. I wrote about it here –…. I know there are many others out there trying to fight this, and working for change too. Many that are much more active than I am, and they keep me going too.

    I know how fortunate I am to have been able to get the mesh out, and to be doing as well as I am now. I am tempted sometimes to just put all this behind me, and to try to never think of the word “mesh” again… but I can’t. I can’t, because I am so mad that it is still happening. I can’t because my heart still goes out to all those that are NOT getting better… and all those that will get sick/hurt NEXT because they just KEEP putting this crap IN people.

    Thank you for sharing your feelings here. MAYBE some other people will stumble across this post when they are desperate for help or looking for info before they have surgery. Please keep me posted, and feel free to vent here anytime. Also, I don’t know if you already are in any of the support groups on Facebook, but I would recommend joining one of these if you are not… Only because THEY get it… they understand… Yes, sometimes, it’s depressing… but, it’s even more depressing to think you are “the only one”.

    – Fighters and survivors of hernia and all vaginal pelvic surgical mesh (Closed Group)

    – Women’s POP/SUI TVMesh Complications Support (Closed)

    There’s more listed on the bottom of this blog…


  6. JJJ, This breaks my heart, makes me sad and so very angry all at the same time. The only good from this is that you found Deb “Mesh Me Not” who is a dedicated and caring mesh soldier. You are not alone 🙂 there are so many women on this emotional rollercoaster ride, be strong and take comfort knowing there are mesh warriors and survivors here to help each other thru this. Listen to Deb, join some groups and reach out to them, their loving support will get you through this 🙂


  7. Deb’s blog has the best articles about mesh complications – I always include links to her stories to explain mesh to family, friends, etc. As she mentioned in this article, a group of us mesh injured women started an open/public Facebook group called Mesh Problems. The private groups out there are mostly just for mesh injured people, and these groups are very valuable. But Mesh Problems is different in that it is a group for anyone – family, friends, doctors, physical therapists, pastors, anyone in the general public who wants to be better informed about pelvic and hernia mesh issues. So you can send your spouse, your parents, your adult kids, your neighbors, even your doctor to the Mesh Problems group – and let them see firsthand exactly what we are dealing with. There are no sponsors or ads, the group isn’t a front for a law firm like so many pages are, it is just a collection of real mesh injured people who want to help each other.

    In the Mesh Problems group, there are .pdf brochures on both pelvic and hernia mesh that you can print out and give to people. There are files listing the top mesh-removal surgeons, articles on every aspect of mesh complications, and links to all of the private support groups as well.

    So please keep giving people the link to Deb’s blog here, keep spreading the word to your family & friends, and turn this awful experience we have had into something constructive. Maybe even save someone else from going through it. That’s what keeps me going most days!

    Here’s the link to the Mesh Problems group, see you there!

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  8. I don’t know how to raise money to get to UCLA. PLEASE other then my daughter and grandmother I have no one.


    • Hi Julie, I just responded to your other comment on my “Deb Who” page… saying:
      Hi Julie. I see you posted a link on my MeshMeNot Facebook page for this… and that is fine. You can share it here as well, if you like. I know you are, unfortunately, only one of many that are trying to raise money to cover medical expenses. It’s a shame… and, I wish there was more I could do. I give you so much credit for taking the initiative to try to help yourself, though…. We have to… because, unfortunately, the systems in place are not working for so many. =(

      Please stay strong… keep trying… hang in there, and keep us posted, if you can.


  9. I was trying to build a new website, but then I got sick to my stomach again. I am a mesh victim too. I have done a lot of research on the subject and it seems like the whole incident is a huge cover up or some type of scandal. Why won’t the medical professionals help us?
    Why isn’t there any attorney’s or law firms who will help us?
    What in the world is going on?
    They illegally implant crap into my body and then get away with stealing my life away from me?
    How is this fair?
    I have Atrium hernia mesh inside of me. I was under the impression that all I was going into surgery for was a removal of my uterus. No one told me anything about 2 mesh kit implants. I started suffering 2 years after the surgery and no one could explain to me what was going on Finally in 2013 my doctor asked me to get her the op notes from the surgery that happened in 2002. In 2013 we found out about the mesh kits and now no one knows what to do. I have talked to 4 surgeons and they told me if they tried to remove the kits that it would kill me, so that isn’t good news. So far they have caused severe nerve damage, severe muscle damage, bowel obstruction, constant infections, bleeding, vomiting, fever and this is every single day. I am on 9 different prescriptions for various things and this is no way to live…These people need to pay for what they did to me, but no lawyer will have anything to do with Atrium Corporation. Keller. Fishback and Jackson’s Dan Bolton is only taking people from California so they are no help to the rest of us who don’t live in California. I am now on disability and cannot afford to fly all over creation to different surgeons who don’ take insurance. So that is my story. If anyone can help please contact me at .


  10. Hi Deb,

    I have had TVT sling and pelvic mesh implants. I have before me, at this moment, a settlement offer from a class-action lawsuit. Of course, I am prohibited from speaking about any of the specifics, but it infuriates me. I am trying to decide whether to sign it or not. I know if I sign it and have future health problems that can be traced directly to the implants, that I’ll have no recourse. I called this AM to consult with one of the reps from the firm about the settlement papers, and she mentioned a word which I had never heard before. As I was looking it up, I came across sooooo much information, that led to more information, and more, that I had never heard about. I just thought I was angry before! When a physician, who does these mesh removals, speaks of the possibility of complications years down the road, toxins, auto immune issues, etc.; let’s just say that I have had an enlightenment today. I have sat and read and read, and cried and cried, and I’m disgusted. Do you or any of the posters know how long we have before there is absolutely nothing we can do? If I need surgery a year or 5 years from now due to this mesh, is there no help for us? I know that if I sign this, that is it for me, but what if I don’t? I would appreciate any info available, but I have to get these papers out within the next couple of days. Thanks so much to all of you inspirational ladies.


  11. This is Pam again from Georgia. Has anyone found a law firm that is taking Atrium polypropylene hernia mesh victims? I did make a Facebook blog if anyone has Atrium polypropylene hernia mesh that dates back to 2002. We need a law firm to handle our cases so that we can get the funds that we need to get this crap out of our bodies. So far it has caused many autoimmune diseases in my body. My home got foreclosed on and the worst part is that these 6 men came busting down my front door, then my bedroom door and threw all my and my children’s personal belongings out in a huge lightning storm and destroyed 35 years of my family’s belongings, not only is my life in danger, now all the things i own are now destroyed forever. Everyone ought to know once a couch or clothing gets rain on them, they are destroyed not including all my keepsakes from my Grandmother that past and all the things my children made me while they where growing up. I had a fur family of cats. One of the men dropped kicked my sick cat in the stomach and kept kicking her all the way to the woods, i am sure she is dead by the way he kept kicking her in the stomach. My Siamese cat got killed by local pit bull dogs and my Maine Coon cat got stolen, so my whole cat family got destroyed too. i have been through enough and i don’t know what to do anymore. i need help from a reputable law firm from Georgia and cannot find one anywhere. or a national one that is talking Atrium polypropylene hernia mesh victims. If you know of a law firm please go to my Facebook blog and leave your information for me and all of my other victims that visit that page. Thank you.
    Please click on the link or copy and paste it in your browser and it will take you to the new Atrium Polypropylene Hernia Mesh Injuries and Help blog
    Please feel free to contact me also at:
    No spam please, serious inquiries only.


  12. How do I either start a local group or find one?


  13. I’ve had neurological issues since I’ve had the tape implanted. I am searching for the chemical components of the Bard Ajust TVT that was used. I can not find that info anywhere. Does anyone know what this tape is made of?
    I am so desperate for answers.
    Thanks, Karyn



  1. Are you a GOOD mesh? Or a BAD mesh? | Mesh Me Not

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