Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

Free Informational Brochures on Mesh Complications

Ever wish you had something handy to hand-out to folks when they ask you about surgical mesh? Maybe, something to give to your doctors, friends, or family members?  Something that explained so many of the things that are so hard to explain, and had links to more information/resources, so that people could get more detailed information if they so choose?

Well – now you do!

There is a tri-fold brochure for Hernia Mesh Complications, and one for Pelvic Mesh Complications.

These brochures are the result of a few individuals combined efforts, and greatly in part of the skill and effort of a particular mesh-injured individual, Candance Springer, who so nicely put it together.  Then, there are all the others that helped find/provide the info and resources that are mentioned on them, primarily these are other mesh-injured people.  Thank you!!

They are available to download from the files section of the Public Group: Mesh Problems

Please note: These are for informational purposes, created to help others find the support and information they may need regarding surgical mesh.  These are not NOT promotional flyers for any law firm, doctor office, or to promote the sales of any products.

Please Download, Print & SHARE!

BROCHURES & HANDOUTS - Pelvic Mesh Complications

BROCHURES & HANDOUTS - Hernia Mesh Complications

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  1. Oh after dealing with the complications of hernia mesh for almost 10 yrs and trying to get groups together on all mesh MeshProblems IS NOT OPEN NOR PUBLIC TO ALL SUFFERERS ….. It’s a shame when you get kicked out because you only have one person blocked and they become a administrator and you have them blocked because they only think it is one type of mesh…. if you want better information and NO DRAMA from anyone go to Mesh. (period)….


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