Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

Searching for Doctors who do NOT use mesh

searchThe hunt is on for doctors who do “traditional”, non-mesh, repairs for POP (Pelvic Organ Prolapse), SUI (Stress Uriniary Incontenence), Hernia, and/or have experience with FULL mesh removal and repairs for damages caused by mesh complications.

Those who need repairs done, are having trouble finding doctors who are experienced with non-mesh repairs, such as the fascia sling surgery for SUI using your own tissue.  Those who already have complications from mesh implants need help with mesh removal and repairs for the damages done.

Most doctors STILL use Mesh

That’s just a fact.   Most doctors that do surgery for POP, SUI, and Hernia STILL use mesh.  In fact, many of them actively use and promote the use of surgical mesh, in spite of there being  over 100,000 lawsuits against all different kinds of mesh products , and plethora of reported complications.

Most of the doctors implanting mesh, do not know how to remove the mesh if/when there are problems.  Some will not even recognize or acknowledge it is the mesh causing their patients pain/problems.

There are not many doctors who do full mesh removal (or as close to full removal as actually possible, not just a snip of what is easy to get to).  Of course, I recommend Dr. Raz at UCLA who I went to, but there are a few others.

Some doctors that are helping with full mesh removal and pelvic repairs, may also still implant mesh as well.

They are capable of doing non-mesh repairs, as well as mesh repairs.  There is no denying that some of them have helped countless women.  Dr. Veronikus from St. Louis seems to be growing very popular among women with mesh complications for mesh removal.  He has said that he does still use Mesh, but does so only in extreme cases and uses mesh sparingly.  I have heard from many women who went to Dr. V. and were extremely pleased.

When someone is suffering from mesh complications, getting the mesh out by a doctor with experience and skill is the most important factor.   Many of the doctors who are experts at mesh removal, but still use mesh also point out that at least they know how to remove the mesh if there are complications vs. the majority of doctors who are using mesh regularly and have no clue how to remove it if there is a problem.  Is there anything wrong with going to a doctor that still uses mesh?  Well, I guess that is choice – and sometimes, maybe not even a choice.  I wrote about that on this post, “What is Wrong with Going to a Doctor Who Still Uses Mesh?“.

But, what about the doctors who do not use mesh at all?


Maybe they never used it?  Or, they stopped using it when they saw how many problems it was causing?  I am interested in finding more of these doctors.

Because mesh has become so standardized and “quick and easy”, I found it was actually difficult to find doctors who are experienced with doing traditional, non-mesh repairs for POP or SUI.

We are telling people – DON’T GET MESH…  but, we need to have good alternatives for them.  Of course, any non-surgical options (like pelvic floor therapy or a pessary) should be tried first.  But, if they need surgery? Well? I know if/when I ever need any further pelvic repairs, I will want to go to a doctor who shares my belief that “mesh is bad news”, and does not use it at all… or at least uses it very sparingly IF at all.

For a short list started of  Doctor’s who DO NOT USE MESH, please see this post: Doctors who DO NOT support the use of mesh.

And, if you know of more doctors that DO NOT USE surgical mesh for repairs of hernial, POP, or SUI?  Please share!


Also, please note, that you still need to verify all information, and choose your doctors carefully.  This list is by no means a recommendation for these doctors, and I am not affiliated with any of them.  Please do your homework when looking for a doctor:


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  1. please help me raise my funds to get to America for full mesh removal surgery as there is no help available here in Australia xxx please read my story


  2. Hello thank you for this article, it’s very informative. I have consulted with
    Dr. David Grischkan at the Hernia Center of Ohio, his reviews are good and I asked Bruce Rosenberg founder of the Meshoma Foundation about this surgeon. Have you ever read comments/replies regarding this surgeon?


  3. I want to thank you because if it weren’t for this site I would of not seen the hernia surgeon for UK. I have since had an operation to have the mesh removed and is the best thing I’ve done. I’m glad that it’s finally out of my body.
    Unfortunately there isn’t much publicity in UK about mesh complications and I feel that this needs addressing so to prevent other people suffering like I did and from having the mesh implant.


    • Hi Trisha. I’m so glad if this site helped in anyway. And even more glad you were able to get your mesh removed.

      Unfortunately, the US isn’t being very upfront about mesh either. Doctors are still implanting it left and right, and advertising it as being safe and quick and easy – especially for SUI. Hernia mesh complications get even less consideration, and it is just considered the norm. Main stream media barely covers anything, not even the huge lawsuits. Even the lawyer ads are dying down now (not that many really paid attention to them). =( That was a big part of why I started this blog. I learned from others suffering from mesh myself – rather than from all the doctors I was going to. It’s sad that we are not getting the help we need. Thanks for commenting here… it may help someone else down the road too. You never know! =)


  4. I am seeking info about alternatives to mesh for abdominal surgery. I have a friend who has had 9 repairs on in stomach and complete lower abdominal cavity. He was wounded in Vietnam but continued to serve 28 years. His last surgery was 2 years ago and the mesh is coming through his skin. he is tired of pain MS,s and he continues to work 4-5 days a week. Thank-you, Becky McClure


  5. I am just seeking any new info on the above information


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