Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

Sometimes, it seems the only ones listening ARE the lawyers

logoI recently happened to see that my MeshMeNot blog, and I were mentioned in an article by Drugwatch.  Their article is titled: “Scottish Government Apologizes to Mesh Victims While U.S. Remains Silent“.

It’s a good article, with a lot of information, and also contains information from another mesh-injured woman, Janis Urban, who was interviewed (Thanks Janis for sharing your story, and trying to make changes!).  In one small part of their article, they mentioned my blog, and pulled a quote from this blog post of mine:   Are you Sick and Tired of Lawyer Ads about MESH?”.   This is what the Drugwatch article said about it:

“Mesh Me Not, a blog dedicated to helping educate women on the complications of mesh and provide support, posted an entry on its page about the controversy:
Sometimes, it seems the only ones listening are the lawyers. Like many people, I have never been a fan of lawsuits, or lawyers in general. But, guess what? Sometimes, you need a lawyer,”
wrote Deb, the author of Mesh Me Not. She does not publish her last name on the site.”

I’m glad to see this topic being discussed, and fine that my blog/name was mentioned.  However, I do wish this topic would get more attention from main stream media, rather than just lawyer-sponsored sites.  Drugwatch does put out a lot of good information out there, but they are also a website sponsored by The Peterson Firm, a LawyerAdsWashington, D.C., law firm, which I am not affiliated with, not familiar with, and do not advertise for.  (I don’t advertise or sponsor any law-firms).

In fact, the full paragraph in my  post titled, Are you Sick and Tired of Lawyer Ads about MESH?”, also warned people to be careful choosing their lawyers too.  This was the whole paragraph:

Sometimes, it seems the only ones listening ARE the lawyers.  Like many people, I have never been a fan of lawsuits, or lawyers in general.  But, guess what?  Sometimes, you NEED a lawyer.  Sometimes, people/companies/manufacturers DESERVE to be sued.   Of course, like everything else, you have to be careful, because there ARE many law firms out there that do NOT care at all about helping you, and are only interested in lining their own pockets.  Greed runs rampant.  Many women are getting hooked into lawsuits and lending companies, taking advances for surgeries they need, and wind up OWING more money than they will ever get back.   So, I’m NOT saying the lawyer ads are all on the up and up.  They are not.  But, at least they ARE acknowledging this issue.

So, thank you to Drugwatch, for your attention and coverage regarding the whole mesh saga.  Thank you also for mentioning my blog, and article. Thank you also to Janis Urban, for bravely sharing her story, and trying to also bring awareness and initiate changes.
And, to anyone suffering from mesh, please choose your doctor for mesh removal/repairs, and your attorney very carefully. 

Thank you,



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Perhaps even more helpful than articles, is talking to a variety of others who are suffering from mesh complications, and are in various stages of treatment.   Three of the larger support groups are: 

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