Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

Mesh Me Not on Facebook

thI know that not everyone is on Facebook, but for those of you that are – please know that I also have a public Facebook Page for Mesh Me Not at:

Sometimes, I post to that page more frequently than this blog – simply because it’s easier there to share and make quick posts.    Please “like” the page, if you want to follow any updates from me there.  It is public,  like this blog, so keep that in mind if commenting.

I do like to have people comment on this blog, and I try to respond to comments as fast as I can, however, I am not always as available as I would like to be.  I am sort of a one man show, and often life intervenes.  But, please know that there are a TON of other resources and places to find answers and support too.

If you are on Facebook – please also consider joining the larger, Public FB Group:
This group is run by other mesh injured people (not myself), and is open to those suffering from mesh, their families, and even medical professionals, etc.   If you are suffering from mesh, please join this in addition to any others, so that we can have a larger online presence.

Also, if looking for answers/support, please consider joining one (or more) of the other larger “closed” support groups, like:

There are more and more groups and resources popping up.  I think this is both good and bad.  It’s a “good” thing, because the more people that come forward and share their stories – the more likely those who need that information are to find it.  Plus, not every group or page is a good fit for everyone, so it’s nice to have options.  But,  it’s also “bad” that there are so many, because it goes to show that there are more and more people having problems.  Which makes sense since they are still putting this crap IN people left and right. =(

Please try to also check who is running any groups, or blogs, etc.  Each group in Facebook should list the “admins” for the group.  If not, ask.  Sometimes, lawyers are creating sites that look like support groups – when they are really nothing more than soliciting clients.   Personally, I like the groups that are run by other mesh-injured people, like the Mesh Problems Group. Sometimes, the larger groups can be overwhelming – but, they can also be great to get support and feedback on questions. There’s a “search” tool at the top of any FB Groups – allowing you to search past topics.  Most admins really work hard to keep drama, and trouble at bay – but, inevitably, it can creep in.   Just keep in mind which groups are “Public”, vs “Closed”, and to take things with a grain of salt, etc.   Remember that they are there to help offer support, not stress you out more. So, if you are feeling too stressed – take a step back, or break from them.

Please see this document for a listing of some of the groups and resources:

There is even a link there to find other groups… and more are also listed on the bottom of this blog as well.

Keep asking questions…  and, keep sharing information!  

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  1. Any attempt to get this out to the medical community and anyone involved in this scandal, is appreciated. You are helping so many, Janis, and some day it will pay off – sad all of us have to suffer so much because of negligence and Greed, but you’ll make a difference because you work so hard and care so much.


  2. I do not know how to proceed with diagnosing that my bowel complications are from implanted bladder sling. I have had CT, where, of course, nothing shows up as blocking the bowel. I have had progressive problems over the last few years. Never considered that bladder sling might be problem till yesterday when I had a CT with contrast. I have left message about this with my doctor (not the urologist who implanted it). I fear not being believed or being put off as imagining the cause, because I wonder if doctors will be defensive about litigation. At this point I just want help.


    • Anita,
      Unfortunately, that is how many of us were treated by our doctors. As if we were making things up. It’s not right. They either have no clue, or they do not want to get involved.. or both. Regardless, it is NOT acceptable.

      You really need to get to one of the few specialists that remove mesh regularly to get any real help. They will tell you the truth. Unfortunately, they are not always easy to get to – but, very worth it.

      Please check out this article – and the links at the end to more resources and support groups.

      Hang in there… and I hope you get some real help soon.


  3. I went to a doctor on that list of doctors that is suppose to do mesh removals Friday and was told the mesh removal operation was to hard and was not meant to be done. The mesh is permanent. Gave me a prescription for valium suppositories and suggested therapy. Please! Help! What am I suppose to do?


    • Hi Collena. I’m not sure which list you mean… there are a few. Do you mean the main one in the “Mesh Problems” group? At any rate, please know that those doctors may have been reccomended by someone, but doesn’t mean the necessarily are for everyone. Opinions and experiences vary quite a bit on doctors, just as our problems and complications are often similar, yet very unique. This is why I say to ask around as much as possible about any doctors, and also talk to more than one doctor if possible. Please try to get to one of the other experts, if possible, at least for a consult.


      • God bless you for everything you do. You are appreciated. Pray for you. Thanks!

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      • Yes the ones at duke university. I am so weak sick in pain and so scared. All of my body has been poisoned and do not have a doctor now or don’t know what to do now. My records are changed and no one will help me.


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