Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

Scaremongering or Just Plain Scary?

Doctors are accusing the media, lawyers, and even patients speaking out, of scaremongering. They think because of them, people are being scared away from surgeries for hernia, prolapse, and incontinence that are done with surgical mesh. Not because of the risky mesh products…. no, they think it’s just because of all the “hype” of those talking about it.

Really? Well, maybe people should be afraid of mesh!

Maybe it’s the doctors (who are actually “people” too, in case they forgot), should consider the fact that maybe, just maaaaaybe, THEY are wrong.  Maybe they were also fed misinformation. Maybe, instead of blaming the patients, or the media, THEY should listen to ALL the ones suffering from mesh, look at all the facts, and just maybe reevaluate their stance on mesh.

But until they will do this, which would also require them to admit their own humanity and potential to be dead wrong, I guess we will have to keep sharing our truths. If that scares people away from using mesh – good!  It is scary shit!!

The things people are dealing with because of mesh are horrific. We are talking walkers, wheelchairs, coloscopy bags, permanent catheters, chronic infections, surgery after surgery, and more.

Surgery with mesh should not be agreed to without realizing all the truths, scary as they may be, that go with it.

Truths like:
– It’s NOT just happening to a few poor souls. These life-altering, major complications are happening to far too many. The risks are much higher than the originally hoped 1-3%.
– Mesh is meant to be permanent, and there are no easy fixes for mesh complications.
– It is NOT just older, mesh kits used for prolapse causing these major complications, and that have all the lawsuits against them.
– AND, for most, it’s even avoidable because there are often non-mesh options, that ARE never mentioned or offered.

So be afraid. Be very afraid… of mesh! I WISH someone would have told me the truth and scared me away from mesh.

This isn’t to say you should not get help or treatment. If you need help, get help, but find a doc that can do non-mesh repairs & will offer options, and the TRUTH about the risks of mesh.

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