Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

Before Posting Here


*tap tap* Is this thing on??

I want people to be able to find help and support here, and love to get feedback from folks.  However, I also feel the need to just give a little friendly reminder.  PLEASE keep in mind that when you post things on the internet (Blogs, Facebook groups, forums, etc.) that those comments are public.  They can even show up later, even if/when deleted. So, please do NOT share private or personal data that you don’t want known or repeated. 

You do NOT need to give your real name when posting comments here if you don’t want to.  I actually recommend that you do NOT use your real name when posting – unless, like me, you have made a real choice to go public.  The email address you enter to comment here will not be visible, and I will not share it with anyone without your permission.

I know that sometimes, especially when you are hurting and desperate for help, you don’t care who knows what. However, you may change your mind down the road, especially if you are in litigation for anything.  Many women that have pending lawsuits are given legal advice to NOT discuss their case or details of their situation.  If you post something, and THEN read this – let me know, and if you like, I will remove posts.  Of course, I prefer to not have to censor and while I can delete things from this blog, I can’t control what may have already been seen/shared.

Also, please remember anyone suffering from mesh complications is hurting, and remember to be kind.  This is not a place to judge or advertise.

I’m not sure how much “action” this blog will get on any given day.  If you are looking for feedback, there are other forums, groups, and blogs where you can also find support and answers to your questions.  I will list some of those in the sidebar and footer of this blog.  From those, you will surely find even more.   You will note that some of those Groups are listed as being “Public”/”Open”, and some are “Private”/”Closed” Groups”.  “Private”/”Closed” Groups are for members only and offer some privacy as a result.  For example, anything you post in a closed group does NOT show up on your public Facebook Wall, and is only visible to those IN the group.  Most groups have Admins who do a great job of keeping out unwanted spectators.  HOWEVER, please keep in mind that it is still online  – and you can’t ever really know everyone in any online community  –  so please use your discretion.

If you prefer, you can also send me a private message, by going to my Facebook Page (, and sending a private message.  

I’m not trying to scare anyone… I just want you to be safe and know the deal.  Personally, I try to only share facts and things that I would not care if repeated to my family, friends, doctors, co-workers, etc.  I made a very conscious choice to go public with my story, and my goals are laid out on the “About This Blog” page.


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  1. Hi, sure you can use my story. 🙂


  2. Do you know of anyone who used the Women’s Health Specialists in Florida for a mesh removal? I am scheduled to fly there on April 15th. Surgery is scheduled for April 17th. I have a Bard Uratex sling with a Rumi Uterine Manipulator KOH Cup and a vaginal insulflation bulb. My mesh was “installed” on June 3, 2008. Haven’t been able to pee or poop decent since. Sex is out of the question. It hurts to sit or walk. I consider myself blessed since I don’t need assistance with walking like other women. I feel like I’m getting my period every day of my life and I had a hysterectomy. I have no idea what to expect with this surgery… I just pray it gives me my life back.


    • Catherine, I don’t have experience with them… but, this article has good questions to ask (, like:
      * Do you remove the mesh completely?
      *How many have you removed?
      *Can you remove it off the bone?
      *Do you remove the arms, anchors?
      *What diagnostic equipment do you have ? (trans vaginal ultrasound that digitally shows the mess, pelvic mri that shows degrees of prolapse/cystocele?)
      *How long is the recovery?
      *Can you repair and reconstruct me using my own facsia tissue graft within 6 months of removal if needed.
      *Do you agree a partial removal only leads to more problems? If the answer is no, RUN!
      *What is done in my aftercare, catheter, pain management and follow ups?

      If they can not do “FULL” removals – you may want to try to get to one of the few docs who can. I wrote about this here:, and mention at the bottom of that posts some FB groups. I would suggest asking about these particular doctors for feedback in those groups.


  3. I need your help! Any of u ladies ever felt like the mesh is trying come out right next to your rectum? I’ve already had two revisions from pieces of mesh floating around. Now I think pain and I mean pain is trying to go through the skin next to my rectum. Is this possible? It does not hurt all the time . It seems to hit off and on. I just take 60 grams of morph. And a hot heating bad and pray to God the pain will stop. This has happened 4 times now.


    • Yes I have had problems with the mesh and my rectum. My rectum swells shut a lot for no reason. Then I develop and infection. My rectum also pooches into my vagina now. I have had a tumor removed from in between vagina and rectum after mesh. My gyn said he never saw anything like it. It was black and wrapped around blood vessels and nerves. It was not malignant, but very odd. I also have mesh coming through the top corner in my vagina. If I have to put cream in and I touch it I see stars and feel like I’m going to pass out. The thing sticking out feels like a piece of steel wool. It is very hard. I hope it helps to know someone else is having similar problems. They may not be exactly the same, but similar.


  4. I found a doc. Named hibner in phx. Az.
    Has anyone heard of him before.


  5. I have followed all of this with interest. I am one of the lucky ones where IT has worked. There seems to be a lot of talk about it not being trialled, I was one of the first group that too part in the first trials. I was asked by a consultant at Northampton hospital in 1998. It had been first trialled in Norway and they wanted to trial it here.


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