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Mesh Me Not on Facebook

I know that not everyone is on Facebook, but for those of you that are – please know that I also have a public Facebook Page for Mesh Me Not at: Sometimes, I post to that page more frequently than this blog – simply because it’s easier there to share and make quick posts.   … Read More ›

Doctors Promoting “New” Mesh

I keep finding videos, and websites, where doctors are still promoting the use of mesh, for POP (Pelvic Organ Prolapse), and especially for SUI (Stress urinary incontinence) and hernia repairs. This is in spite of all the reported complications, and warnings. Are there Good and Bad mesh products?

TVM? TVT? TOT? SIMS? Tape? Sling? Plug? Patch? SUI? POP? WTH@!??

TVM? TVT? TOT? SIMS? Tape? Sling? Plug? Patch? It’s all still mesh. Here’s a run-down of mesh-related terms.

Local teacher battles pain, federal bureaucracy

Sharing this recent news article, “Local teacher battles pain, federal bureaucracy“, which shows the devastation hernia mesh can cause, and the injustices taking place: “It takes Bob Sprankle at least 15 minutes to climb the stairs, go to the bathroom and return to his chair in the room he spends all day in on the… Read More ›

Free Informational Brochures on Mesh Complications

Ever wish you had something handy to hand-out to folks when they ask you about surgical mesh? Maybe, something to give to your doctors, friends, or family members?  Something that explained so many of the things that are so hard to explain, and had links to more information/resources, so that people could get more detailed information if… Read More ›

Is it Just Transvaginal Mesh Causing Problems?

Is it the mesh?  Or where and how it is placed?  What about hernia mesh?  Or implanting a surgical mesh through the abdomen to correct prolapse? Is it just the vaginally placed mesh that is causing all the problems? Not that my opinion counts for much, but for what it’s worth?  No.  I can’t believe… Read More ›

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