Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

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Are you a GOOD mesh? Or a BAD mesh?

I keep hearing about doctors telling patients they don’t use “the bad mesh”… or that “the bad mesh was recalled”. Many are saying their doctor only uses “the good mesh”.
Well?? What exactly are the “good” or “bad” meshes? That is a good question.

Is it Just Transvaginal Mesh Causing Problems?

Is it the mesh?  Or where and how it is placed?  What about hernia mesh?  Or implanting a surgical mesh through the abdomen to correct prolapse? Is it just the vaginally placed mesh that is causing all the problems? Not that my opinion counts for much, but for what it’s worth?  No.  I can’t believe… Read More ›

Mesh-Injured People: NOT rare. NOT going away. NOT getting SUPPORT!

Annoying Lawyer Ads: “Have you had Vaginal Mesh?” You know all those crazy lawyer ads you see on TV,  asking,”Have you had Transvaginal Mesh?”?  Well, guess what?   They are not just constant, and annoying.  They are also talking to real, live, people who HAVE had transvaginal mesh, and ARE hurting because of it.  And there… Read More ›

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