Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

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Walk a Mile in Mesh Shoes

Pain would start by my obturator muscle/hip/groin area, & go all the way down my leg. The pathology report from my TOT mesh sling removal surgery confirmed that the mesh was causing FBR, inflammation, muscle damage/spasms… It had eroded through my obturator muscle and abductor muscles, and attached to my pelvic bone where Dr Raz scraped it off.
Constant pain, & not being able to walk (even with pain meds & crutch) will change your life dramatically, and quickly. Trust me.
Still, I was LUCKY.

2014-05-28 Update… Mountain Bike?

I am doing much better since having full mesh removal in Jan 2013, and then a total left hip replacement this past Feb. 2014 (yeah, needing more major surgery wasn’t cool… but also wasn’t really an option & so far recovery from that seems to be going well).  I’m 3 months out from the hip… Read More ›

2013-07-21 Update & Water Walking?

Today, I want to mention something new I am going to try –  “Water Walking”.  I went yesterday for an evaluation… to see what speed I could do, and what class I could try to get into.  I’m opting for a water walking class, which will be once a week over several weeks.  They also… Read More ›

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