Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

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CE-Mark For Sale

Erin Brockovich: “You’re not protecting your people. You’re using people as guinea pigs. For a CE mark that has no validity… that nobody knows anything about.. that you’re putting in a human body.You can kill people that way. You ARE killing people. You are ruining people’s lives, and yet nobody knows.”

2014-05-28 Update… Mountain Bike?

I am doing much better since having full mesh removal in Jan 2013, and then a total left hip replacement this past Feb. 2014 (yeah, needing more major surgery wasn’t cool… but also wasn’t really an option & so far recovery from that seems to be going well).  I’m 3 months out from the hip… Read More ›

2014-02-26 small update…

I haven’t been posting much again.  Sorry about that  As usual, things have been a bit crazy. To make a long story short – I had more surgery a few weeks ago.  A hip replacement.  (ugh)  Prior to that I was working, & going to docs, & being busy freaking out about needing more surgery…  … Read More ›

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