Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

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Partial vs. Full Mesh Removal Surgery

Most patients are told removing all the mesh is “impossible” or “too dangerous”. I believe they are told this because for that doctor it IS impossible. Most doctors will only offer partial removals because that is all THEY know how to do.

You seriously have to go ALL the way to California for surgery?

For the folks who can’t believe I have to fly all the way to California for surgery… I just heard of a woman and her husband who sold their rental home and bought an RV so they can drive to California (from Oklahoma) to see the same doc I’m going to (Dr. Raz). This other… Read More ›

Are you suffering from complications from transvaginal mesh?

Are you suffering from transvaginal mesh complications?  Or do you know anyone who has had serious complications from having “minor” surgery involving mesh?  Well, if you know me… then, now you do! No.  I’m not a lawyer.  I’m just someone who is actually suffering from some of those complications that you see plastered all over… Read More ›

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