Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

Videos on Mesh

This is a playlist, containing videos I’ve found on YouTube regarding surgical synthetic mesh used for Bladder Prolapse (POP), Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), and Hernia repairs – and the resulting, NOT rare, mesh complications that are devastating so many lives.   I will update this as I find things.

Please NOTE:  I am NOT affiliated with NOR recommending any medical or legal professionals mentioned in these videos – but, I am sharing them for informative purposes only.   Please be very careful when choosing your own doctors and/or lawyers.  Thank you!

Newest video: CE-Mark For Sale
A real eye opener. This documentary is by Dutch television, and about the EU regulation of medical devices.  However, in the US, the FDA has the 510K process which is allowing the same kind of thing.  Products, untested, on the market.  We are the guinea pigs!  Please watch & share!

CE-Mark For Sale – Full Movie

Undercover investigation by Dutch television program Radar expose how the EU regulation of medical devices is so lax that mesh packaging for fruit could be approved as a medical device to be implanted in peoples bodies.


Surgical Mesh Complications Information – Video Playlist

  1. Need to Know: Medical Device Safety by PBS
  2. Serious Complications with Surgical Mesh for Gynecologic Surgery by USFood and Drug Admin
  3. FDA Warning on Mesh – Dr. Peggy Norton, Univ. of Utah by UofUHealthCar
  4. Papantonio: Women Are Being Crippled With Transvaginal Mesh Implants
  5. March 22, 2012: Victims Speak Out about Dangerous Loophole, Unsafe Medical Devices on the Market by RepMarkey (Re: 510K process)
  6. Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit: A Case Overview  by rotlawgroup
  7. NJ Trial Attorney Adam Slater Addressing Jury in Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson
  8. TVTNO”s David Sawyer Speaks out about TVT Mesh and the injustice it is! by Teresa Sawyer
  9. Amy Gezon — On Vaginal Mesh Surgery
  10. Boston Scientific TVT Sling Mesh Implant Results by Kim Kilpatrick
  11. TVTNO.ORG Presents:RealityTVT  by Teresa Sawyer
  12. Truth in Medicine: Synthetic Surgical Mesh not safe or effective! by LanaKeeton
  13. April 2012: Correspondence between TVT Mum and the MHRA by Lorraine Evans
  14. (Hernia) Mesh removal testimonial, by Kevin Petersen, MD
  15. How Pharma Reps Control Doctors, Confessions Of An RX Drug Pusher Full Interview | The Truth Talks by PsycheTruth
  16. Mesh Awareness 1, by Kim Kilpatrick
  17. Boston Scientific TVT Sling Mesh Implant Results, by Kim Kilpatrick
  18. Hibner 5 (Treatment Protocol for Chronic Pelvic Pain with Synthetic Vaginal Mesh or Sling), by Greg Vigna
  19. Hibner 6-7, by Greg Vigna
  20. Transvaginal Mesh Erosion Video 1: The Facts About Vaginal Mesh Side Effects (Hibner and Vigna), by Oxygen123
  21. LJK Interview UCLA, by Kim Kilpatrick
  22. Vaginal Mesh Webinar – Dr. Greg Vigna M.D | Transvaginal Mesh Risks, Warnings & Complications by Oxygen123
  23. No Insurance Surgery (Hernia),  by Kevin Petersen, MD
  24. Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore Transvaginal Mesh Removal  on The Doctor,  by MeshSurgeons
  25. Pelvic Prolapse and Vaginal Mesh Recalls,by RoseMedicalCenter
  26. Hal’s story – mesh removal,by kevincpetersenmd
  27. What You Need to Know About Vaginal Mesh for Female Pelvic Surgery | #UCLAMDCha,by UCLA Health
  28. Pudendal Neuralgia,by atara schimmel
  29. Doctors!!! First Do No Harm Prolapse Surgery Mesh Nightmare
  30. No Mesh hernia surgery,by Dr. Robert Tomas
  31. Inguinal Hernia Mesh Complications- A Patient’s Perspective
  32. Gosport Mum Learns To Walk After Mesh Surgery,by That’s Solent TV
  33. CE mark for sale (Full episode english subtitles) | RADAR (AVROTROS),by Radar



Video’s on Other Websites: VID1

If you have suggestions to add to this page/list –  please let me know by commenting here.  Thank you!

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  1. Please explain how rectal mesh and POP mesh could contribute to debilitating pain – the wall is shared and, after large hernia repair using mesh, my motility issues began and the pain is excruciating. Also, why aren’t doctors aware of symptoms. FIVE years the military treated me for chronic pain. I am fortunate I found mesh issues online; if I hadn’t, I’d be a statistic with chronic pain because nobody knew or mentioned mesh. It’s pretty hard to accept that not one dr mentioned mesh as an issue – easier to drug me. I beat the drugs, but I haven’t beaten the pain and solution.


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