Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

“Vaginal mesh problems in UK and USA for J&J”

“Reports suggest that one in 15 of these meshes that have been surgically implanted have been removed due to complications. ”

Vaginal mesh problems in UK and USA for J&J

Meshes in the United Kingdom

Vaginal meshes have been used surgically in over 75,000 women in England who undergo surgery to correct stress incontinence and vaginal prolapsed. The surgeries between 2006 and 2016 have used this mesh according to data from the NHS. Experts believe that some of these meshes that have been used have never been clinically tested and this is a disaster waiting to happen.

Reports suggest that one in 15 of these meshes that have been surgically implanted have been removed due to complications. They had been used for a 20 minute surgery that is used to correct stress incontinence and prolapsed that results from childbirth. The basic principle of the surgery is insertion of a polypropylene mesh that would support the vagina and the bladder from sagging. In some women the insertion of this mesh is not successful leading to chronic pain that makes it difficult for them to walk or go about their regular day-to-day activities and also makes sexual intercourse painful. Evidence has shown that the mesh that is supposed to be flexible within the body does not always remain so. It hardens and stiffens and can cut into the neighboring organs such as the bladder causing internal injuries.

One manufacturer is Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. At present over 300 women from United Kingdom are moving towards legal action against Johnson & Johnson because of their dissatisfaction and complications that arose from this mesh. David Golten, a solicitor at Wedlake Bell LLP, which is representing the women, called this a “significant medical case” claiming that there could be “billions of pounds” in settlements that could make this the “largest medical case in UK history”. On the other side, a spokesperson for Johnson & Johnson said that this mesh has been through rigorous years of clinical research and said that they are confident of their products and these pelvic mesh devices are being used worldwide without complications.

Johnson & Johnson loses a case to a woman in Pennsylvania

Johnson & Johnson must pay out $57 million in compensation to Ella Ebaugh, 51, who underwent vaginal mesh insertion. This insertion was followed by three surgeries that she had to undergo due to the complications. The mesh had cut into her urethra (tube that carries urine out of the body). This is a serious complication that necessitated a surgical correction.

Ms Ebaugh underwent a surgery to correct urinary incontinence that is seen commonly after childbirth. She had had five deliveries that led to her incontinence. She was fitted with Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon vaginal mesh. Soon she started developing “excruciating pain” on standing, sitting or performing any activity. She had to undergo three surgeries after the initial one to correct the complications and the mesh had to be removed. Despite the surgeries, part of the mesh still remains within her. Ms Ebaugh was awarded her payout after a jury in Philadelphia voted in her favor stating that Johnson & Johnson had been negligent and the mesh was designed defectively.

There are more than 1,000 lawsuits at present around the world, including the US, the UK and Australia, against Johnson & Johnson from women who have developed complications.

Ethicon plans to appeal the court’s decision. They said in a statement, “We believe the evidence in the Ebaugh trial showed Ethicon’s devices were properly designed.”



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  1. A Letter to the Doctors we used to trust! A letter to the FDA we thought would Protect us! A letter to manufacturers when your stock drops and slides downward and we follow who you are
    In your next Name change to different company!
    !Enough is enough ,Now most know! Trust is broken for Doctors that keep implanting!
    And sadly many no longer trust Doctors at all.
    Where will your greed take you when no one comes to see there doctor anymore!
    The only Gold Standards are those lining the Golden Pockets of those in Power!
    Who will line your pockets when everyone knows—— you kept making Mesh &Bladder Slings
    Hernia to even when you knew no tests were done showing damage it would do!
    No Informed Consent given to those that woul$ be human lab Rats!
    In some cases if not all no consent was given for toxic plastic to be implanted at all!
    And now at least a close to a million will suffer and here the lies not the Mesh not the Sling
    Your the only complaint! As people die from incurable bio-film infections
    And Sepsis, Auto Immune disease, tormenting pelvic Pain beyond your nightmares!
    Fevers that never go away
    Going thru pain of operations the only chance they feel they have to live as they grow sicker!
    Wife’s losing husbands thru divorce when they can no longer have sex
    Losing children when to sick to care for them
    Losing Jobs and health insurance and being told it’s worse to remove it
    I can tell you had I not gotten it removed I would not be writing this Sepsis 5 times at least where
    I was hospitalized and close to death, then with removal I was given Mersa that was a hospital surgury acired one anitibiotic resistant months of ivhospital stays to finally beat it leaving huge open wound over pubic bone to the bone with bone infection healing from inside out
    Yet I have survived and lucky enough now to have a good doctor that helps me and cares
    Let down by lawyers fighting about what manufacturer left what mesh not dealing with bladder slings with same thing about a inch on each side of pubic bone chizzeled out
    I was never informed Toxic Plastic would be put in me never gave my consent
    Yet lawyer dropped my case knowing Boston Scientific was responsible and think first one was J&J Doctors would not save what was removed to show who s it was
    No pictures I asked for with it inside
    Corruption was to the bone I think they hoped I would die
    When will Justice be served!
    To keep putting these in is a crime like serial killers they don’t stop!
    We need lawyers beyond corruption to fight for our rights of informed consent
    Sincerely Barbara Lynn Melling

    Read manufacturers warnings beyond beleaf


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