Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

Is it ok to jump right into “minor” surgery for SUI?

Surgery, regardless of how minor, is still surgery.  Right?

There are risks.   If there is surgical mesh involved (which includes “tape” and “slings”) there are “ADDED RISKS” (according to the FDA warnings and research).   Common sense, and good doctors, tell people that going under the knife for anything should not be something to take lightly.    Especially not if there are safer alternatives.

So, why does it seem that surgery for SUI/incontinence is so often promoted as  the best, “quick and easy” option?

Check out this page on Voices for PFD​, where they have the following happy testimony:

Why did you select the sling as your surgical treatment option?

I had done some research online, but ultimately it came down to what my doctor recommended. I’m very, very, VERY happy that I didn’t go to a practice that insists on months of physical therapy or pelvic floor exercises before resorting for surgery. I’m not that patient and probably wouldn’t have stuck with it.

Ummm?  Really??  So, DON’T try pelvic PT?  Or a pessary??  or any other non-surgical treatment?   Don’t bother thinking about having NON-MESH surgery, either?  Even though there’s no evidence repairs with mesh will work any better?   Apparently, one should just go ahead and have surgery implanting a mesh sling, right?  Like it’s no big deal. ? =(

What about where the FDA recommends in their “Information for Health Care Providers for SUI”, that doctors should insure patients understand treatment options (including non-mesh surgery), potential complications (including the added risk of erosion for mesh repairs), to convey that a mesh sling is a permanent implant, and that there is limited information about outcomes after one year?

Was this patient made well aware that mesh for SUI, even the newest, smallest mini-slings, are also causing severe complications?  Or are they being told that their doctor doesn’t use the “bad mesh“?

It looks like “Voices for PFD” is also part of the American Urogynecologic Society (AUGS)​, so I am not really surprised by their website.  Just disgusted.  Unfortunately, they are not the only website like this.  Mesh slings for SUI are being promoted and used  like crazy still today.  This is despite FDA warnings and thousands of reported complications and lawsuits.

Then, if/when there’s problems others will try to put the blame back on the patient – asking then, why they didn’t research it better beforehand?   It’s ridiculous.  How can anyone research something, when their trusted doctors are NOT giving them all the real facts??

I sincerely hope this woman who they quoted in this “happy testimonial” is still happy today with her mesh sling. And, that she’s still happy 5 years from now… or 10 years from now?  I hope she is not one of the ones who suffer from some of the “not rare” mesh complications that are often much, much worse than SUI.

I mean that. And, if she is suffering. I hope she is able to find some real help and support too.

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  1. A quick transvaginal mesh surgery (implant) is about 20 to 30 minutes long, that’s it! It all comes down to fast and easy money. These overbearing bastards just see patients as their own personal piggy banks. It took Dr Veronikis HOURS and great difficulty to remove (a TOTAL ex-plant) that mess from my body. It’s been about eight months since I’ve had mine removed and my body still doesn’t quite function like it did before I had the Monarc TOT sling implanted. It’s still MUCH better than what it was with it. However, I may never be fully restored to what I was before it.

    Watch out for words like “tape”, “sling”, “implant” and “hammock”, women. These urological sadists won’t use the word “mesh” because they know we see the lawyer commercials. All these lazy doctors do is take the implant kit, yes, it’s a kit, out of a box or bag and put it straight into your body. It’s not even specifically designed or customized for your organs, allergies, body or bloodwork. Ask questions and lots of them. Question your doctors like you would a preacher, boss, rabbi, politician, teacher or even a parent who’s suggesting something iffy. We only get one body and we only have one life. It’s your right to know what can or will happen to you. When it comes to anything in the lives of my sons, I always tell them “do your homework, research it thoroughly, and ask lots of questions!”

    Keep talking girl, it’s working. I tend to believe that not only is your blog helpful to those who have experienced this injustice, it prevents others from making our mistakes. I’m glad you’re gutsy, informative and compassionate. I only wish I had not been too scared to comment here when I briefly came across your blog right before my implant. I trusted my female gynecologist’s advice in seeing her urologist buddy to have the implant done during my hysterectomy. I trusted her referral and I believed the urologist when he told me it was different than the mesh implants mentioned in the lawyer commercials.

    Happy spring to you and yours. And may you and others reading this find quick and reliable resolve. May all of you heal and continue in the best of love, peace and good health.


  2. Dear Deb, I need my mesh out. I need to make appointment with surgeon. Would like make the appointment but don’t really know what to do. Live in NC but it looks like all the good doctors in California or that way. I have had a revision surgery that was suppose to be complete, PT, everything the wrong way. Do you know a person that could help me?


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