Adding my two cents to the mega mesh mess surrounding transvaginal mesh complications…

Top 10 Myths Woman are Told Today about Pelvic Mesh

falseSharing this excellent article from Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk, called, “Top 10 Myths Woman are Told Today about Pelvic Mesh“, by Jane Akre.  It talks about  things many women have been told about mesh, and/or mesh complications. Things that are just plain wrong, but are still being told routinely to women – even today.  Women that are still having mesh implanted in them, unaware of all the risks and real facts.

Some of these things still being told today are:

> Myth #1 –  “Don’t worry – It’s lawyer-generated hype”
> Myth #2 – “That mesh is off the market/ recalled.”
> Myth #3 – “We don’t use that mesh in this country.”
> Myth #4 – “It’s a “Tape” or a “Sling” not mesh.” 
> Myth #5 – “Mesh is FDA approved.”
> Myth #6 – “Mesh Complications are rare.”
> Myth #7 – “The Problem is with Pelvic Mesh Not Slings.”  
> Myth #8 – “It’s bad doctors who had the complications, not the good doctors.”
> Myth #9 – “Mesh has been used for 50 years without problems.”
> Myth #10 – “Don’t Read the Internet.”

If you are lucky enough to find this BEFORE you actually have mesh put IN you, please please please read the full article, which explains how & why these things are not true. Also, read the comments left on that article from real people who can relate (unfortunately).

The full article, with all the facts, can be found on the Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk website:
Top 10 Myths Woman are Told Today about Pelvic Mesh

Were you told any of the above myths before (or after) getting your mesh put in?  Perhaps you can add your two cents in a comment here, or on the original post, to try to warn others and prove how real this is.  No need to use your real name if you don’t want to.  If you are one if the thousands and thousands who already have mesh and are suffering with severe complications, I’m sorry.  Please know that you are so not alone, and I hope you are able to find some real help and relief.

In addition to the myths women are told,  there is often insult added to injury by many doctors who seem to believe the mesh manufacturers as well.  Even over their own patients testimonies, and at their expense.

The below graphics were created by Jaye Lee (who also suffers from mesh complications).  They highlight things people reported they were actually told when they went to the doctor due to mesh complications (hernia and vaginal). Some of these are difficult not to laugh at. But, when you consider they are actual comments, and that many of them were very familiar to many different people, who were all in a serious time of need when they heard them? Well, it is actually pretty scary… and sad.

doc says 1 - JL


==============Support Groups================

Perhaps even more helpful than articles, is talking to a variety of others who are suffering from mesh complications, and are in various stages of treatment.   Three of the larger support groups I found helpful are: 

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  1. I have a new one to add 😃😣 – going to the GP after a partial removal with pain from suspected infection that the GP is refusing to test to see what bacteria is causing the problem – ” you just have thrush from all the antibiotics … Take this thrush cream … And then we’ll deal with your pelvic inflammatory disease ( STD sexually transmitted disease) later ….. A) I haven’t had sex for 11 years b) I haven’t been able to spread my legs more than an inch for years thanks to the mesh shrinkage!
    I say ” mesh removal infection you mean” – Dr – “I’ll deal with your PID later!”
    I have asked to come off their register ….


    • Suki – Oh man… That is terrible. What a complete jerk. =( I’m sorry you were treated like that. Here you were not even ABLE to have sex, and he’s accusing you of an STD? Ugh! Just goes to show how clueless they can be when they won’t listen!

      I was very fortunate to find a good GP who really helped me through everything. He was the first doc that actually believed that is was the mesh causing my problems, even though he didn’t know much about mesh. But, he was just my GP, so he watched as I was bounced around from specialist to specialist, and eventually he supported my decision to go to Dr. Raz at UCLA. Not that I needed his support to go there, because by that time I had made up my mind I was GOING to Dr. Raz. However, it sure was/is nice to have my GP on “my side”, and he helped me through a lot.

      There are good doctors out there, and even SOME (not all) of the docs who said these things are actually probably ‘good docs’ too – but, it’s like they have been brainwashed or something when it comes to mesh. Maybe by the manufacturers and wishful thinking? I don’t know. At this point in time, when there is so much evidence about the harm mesh is causing it’s difficult to believe docs still don’t “get” that mesh is a huge risk that is not worth taking for the patient. It’s so frustrating. I guess, if they start believing that they may have been wrong – then, they also have to start believing that they have harmed many many women – and, maybe that is just too much to fathom. It’s the only excuse I can think of other than total greed. In many cases, it’s probably a combination of factors…


      • I feel the Doctors are hiding their heads in the sand. They rather be in denial for there are way to many complications with mesh. Most are ignorant of the Blind Procedure that places this mesh inside our bodies and the perpetual damage it sets in motion. If they do know about mesh they could be overwhelmed at its effects after all for most of us it is like an avalanche, a free for all that effects not one area of our body but all of it. Most of all they do not want to be involved with the the whole mesh debacle. They just do not know. I wonder if there are any female Doctors who have been implanted with mesh and if so do we ever hear from them on our web sites? I know nurses have joined.


        • You are so right, Janie. On all accounts. They don’t know. And they don’t WANT to know. =( I have not heard of any female doctors (yet!). Lost of nurses, though, yes. I’m sure it’s a matter of time…


          • I can’t image that no female Doctor hasn’t had one of the mesh procedures. Maybe it is kept quiet because of monetary reasons and It is swept under the rug or even a contractual clause?


  2. I can’t tell you how many of the “doc says” responses I have actually heard my self since I began my own mesh related nightmare in 2013. I have just had my 5th surgery. I can still hear my original doctors words before my 1st surgery(for pop) “this is not the same mesh you hear about on tv”. Almost immediately I began having problems. After several visits to that Dr for the unrelenting pain and even a second surgery, my final straw came when she said ” I don’t know what you think you feel and I’m sorry you think your in pain.” That was it, I switched doctors.


  3. One word says it all for me re this and that is BRILLIANT !!!


  4. I had a vaginal sling in 2009 for incontinence. Have had 2-3 UTI’s each year since then. Doctor who did surgery has treated me as though I have leprosy. Will not discuss any of my problems with me. I have pain in lower guts to vaginal area and down the inner part of both legs to my knees. Rectum has stayed raw and painful for weeks. This is very unpleasant and without knowing the outcome, is very depressing. We need more mediums to talk about this openly.


  5. Which state is Dr RAz…..ive had a TVT and is having severe pain in my pevic area


  6. I am a victim of this, but I was on the Mdl 2325 against AMS but I feel that the settlement payment was not enough for the suffering I will continue to have. The only reason I settled is because the Attorney Was urging me to do it or he would have to drop me as a client and when I replied that I didn’t want to do this he said to look for another attorney but I would still have to pay him in the end, and that it was the best offer I would get. How can someone who has no clue of what I am experiencing and the torture I have already been through tell me what my pain is worth? I mean 2 devices implanted and 4 surgeries and still need more and at the age of 30+ is a big deal, my husband left me, I cant work and became homeless yet somehow he felt like he summ that all up to thats the best i will get, after all said and done i end up with 13,000 and everyone else had a field day on my expense, not to mention that I was the one collecting everything and paying for everything yet they billed for it.. they couldn’t even remember my case. I am very frustrated with the service, and the neglect i received during this entire ordeal, yet still suffering through it all.
    Is their anything I can do to have my case reviewed to make sure that I received the proper justice?



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